Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Natural on a Budget: Medicine Cabinet

It seems like there is a pharmacy on every corner and the medicine aisle of the grocery store gets bigger and bigger. The pharmaceutical industry is running rampant in our society, and it seems like for every little bump we are going to the doctor or seeking a pill to cure us. I am thankful for modern medicine and believe it to be helpful in many cases; but, overall, it is far overused. Toxins and harsh chemicals enter our bodies through average over-the-counter medicines and so here are a few things I keep on hand to self-heal whenever possible.

The class I am currently taking in my Nutritional Counseling certification program has been a really informative resource for nutritional and natural healing remedies. Literally 800 pages worth of natural, often inexpensive, fixes!

1. Coconut Oil
Put on mild scratches, burns (gym floor or otherwise :P), scrapes, etc. Basically a "Neosporin" type of substitute. Love the stuff!

2. Colloidal Silver
For spraying on sore throats and curing strep, it is like magic! Also in ears to get rid of earaches or infections. You can also use it topically on more serious burns or boils. For yeast infections of any kind, it is said to work well, but I have not tried this myself.

3. Tea Tree Oil
I use this to clean wounds before bandaging, and also for insect bites. 

4. Arnica
We have oral tablets that can be used like ibuprofen, as well as cream/gel for sore muscles or body aches.

5. Essential Oils
Peppermint essential oil rubbed on your temples generally help headaches, and along with eucalyptus oil can be used to help breathing and colds. Ginger or lavender essential oils on stomach or behind ears help with nausea.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar
They come in tablet forms if you can't handle the nastiness. :) For general detox, colds, pH balancing, stomach ailments, and much more.

7. Bentonite Clay
Put this on scrapes, cuts, etc. and also on face breakouts, insect bites, and more. I've heard it can be taken internally but I've only used it externally. Apparently it is good for food poisoning as well.

I'd also like to make a case for preventative medicine. I take a whole food based Multi-Vitamin, get adjusted at the chiropractor about once per month, drink or take probiotics, and try to take care of myself by sleeping, drinking enough water, and eating properly. Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", and there is a lot of truth to that!

What are your favorite natural medicine cabinet staples?

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