Functionally Food-ish exists to provide information on practical ways to eat and live naturally and healthfully. You'll find articles about nutrition, healthy living on a budget, recipes, natural cleaning and hygiene, and more. 

Other blogs I contribute to:
 http://www.culinaryreformation.com/ and http://www.modernalternativehealth.com/

About Hannah

Hannah Cross is a homeschool graduate with a heart for serving others, especially in working with children. She works for Aloha Publishing and is also a part-time nanny. Hannah is pursuing a Certification in Nutritional Counseling and enjoys cooking, studying & blogging about nutrition, and trying to convince her family to drink green smoothies. She generally has a book about theology or adoption lying around and is always looking to further her knowledge. She also enjoys playing, and is looking forward to coaching, sports of all kinds — especially basketball and volleyball.

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